Our bespoke risk management, advisory and resolution services will keep you from harm, provide assistance when needed and grant you peace of mind.


DS-48 enables our corporate clients to navigate risk, protect against reputational compromise and overcome operational challenges.

“Working” with a multinational renewable energy company DS-48 has provided pragmatic solutions at every stage of their project lifecycle. DS-48 engaged to assess the threat. The client was concerned about potential threats to their personal and assets over the project lifetime. DS-48 conducted a security audit, vulnerability assessment and threat assessment, resulting in actionable recommendations for the client to undertake. DS-48 continued to advise on security threats and advised on how best to engage with local authorities should an incident occur. DS-48 continues to advise on all security issues and provides security training to the organisation.

– Security Audits and Vulnerability Assessments

– Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning

– Critical Incident Preparedness

– Embedded Security Management

– Business Intelligence and Due Diligence

– Cyber Security

– Counter Corporate Espionage

– Security Policies, Procedures and Strategy

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DS-48 provides risk management, security advice and training to individuals or organisations in remote and challenging environments. We have supported all manner of explorer, from expeditions to the Antarctic, to endurance athletes to gap year students. We always ensure our support reflects the environment, your profile and level of independence.

A recent client engaged DS-48 to support their solo motorbike adventure across Asia, after a series of consultations it became apparent that the route was too remote to provide an effective medical response if required. Rather than altering the client’s dream, we instead provided a support individual to travel alongside the client and provide security, medical and mechanical assistance as required. From our operations centre in London, we were able to track their progress and maintain a line of communication no matter what difficulty they faced.

– 24/7 Tracking and Monitoring

– Security Awareness and Hostile Environment Training

– Travel Security Advice

– Embedded Security Management

– Risk Assessments

– Contingency Planning and Crisis Response

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DS-48 works with family offices around the globe in order to help them manage their reputational risk through a better understanding of their clients’ exposure, through the implementation of proportional measures to keep their people, assets and data safe.

Services offered include;

– Security Audits and Vulnerability Assessments

– Family Security Review

– Due Diligence

– Business Intelligence

– Travel Security

– Investigations

– Cyber Security

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DS-48 provides customised advisory services for institutions, NGO’s, and schools around the world. We work in partnership with organisations to ensure their people, projects and assets are secure by developing processes that compliment existing processes, ethos, and reputation. Our support to institutions has included high-profile educational establishments, advise on implementing new access control measures, the Critical Incident Plan and supported the organization through a series of complex shifts in their security posture.

Services offered include;

– Emergency Preparedness, Response, Resilience planning

– Critical Incident Response planning

– Risk Management

– Embedded Security Management

– Security Audits and Vulnerability Assessments

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Private Individuals

DS-48 offers a broad range of services and products for private individuals. We are a discreet, trusted organisation with considerable experience providing innovative solutions to meet our client’s needs. We regularly work with individuals on both their immediate security needs and in developing enduring security plans that incorporate their homes, lifestyle and business interests. Our private clients often require a broad spectrum of services and we aim to provide innovative solutions to whatever problem encountered.

– Close Protection

– Secure Transportation

– Business Intelligence

– Litigation Support

– Dispute Resolution

– Asset Recovery

– Emergency extraction plans

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