Private Clients

Today’s families face an increasingly complex variety of risks. DS-48 specialises in the provision of professional and discreet security services and complex problem-solving solutions to private individuals and family offices. Our services are designed to deliver a broad spectrum of solutions that ensure the security and safety of the individual, family, their assets, business and reputation. We achieve this using our bespoke approach that includes the following services:

Close Protection and
Embedded Security

Our highly experienced former British military and police specialists provide discreet personal security services for individuals
and families globally.

Security Chauffeuring

Whether it is day-to-day travel or a specific event, our professional security-trained chauffeurs safely transport individuals and families.

Travel Security and
Logistical Support

DS-48 provides expert security advice and support to clients travelling worldwide.
Embedded security consultants can accompany clients upon request. Tailored Country Risk Assessments can provide up-to-date intelligence prior to travelling.

Our Asset Security Review (ASR) is designed to identify vulnerabilities and protect the properties, estates and valued assets of our clients. The assessment follows our unique approach and implements a proportionate range of physical, technical and procedural measures to ensure the security of the asset.

DS-48’s cyber consultants work with our clients to anticipate human and technical cyber vulnerabilities, and act effectively against emerging threats or incidents. We work directly with all members of our client’s family or private office to ensure any exposures are identified.

Cyber security assessment
Online profile assessment
Incident response

Those who work closest to a family are also best placed to significantly enhance their safety and security. We specialise in training members of staff to ensure that they understand their responsibilities, behave appropriately and respond effectively to a range of situations:

Security awareness
Social media & confidentiality awareness
Critical Incident Preparedness

DS-48 provides focused analysis of companies and individuals to equip clients with the essential information required for key decision making. Using a combination of advanced technologies and a highly sophisticated human network, we offer a number of investigative support and intelligence-gathering services. Our clients use these services when considering important decisions on travel, investments, assets and staff members.

Overseas travel advice
Asset tracing
Private Investigations
Due Diligence
staff background checks