Our key priority is to identify and address the risks that substantially affect everyday life either at work, while travelling or at home. We offer a full spectrum of bespoke and customised services to face the fast moving world around us.


- Close Protection

Ex UK Police and Military Specialists in Close Protection who are highly experienced and discreet will be on hand to provide security services.

- Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance

DS-48 will tailor surveillance services to suit the needs of the client, this can range from advanced technology installed on land and property or manned services and training to individuals on counter surveillance techniques.

- Private Client Risk Advice

DS-48 can provide expert training and advice in order to mitigate risk for clients, whether this is part of their day to day life or for those in hostile environments.

- Emergency Evacuation

Emergency evacuation services led by medical and security professionals working along-side country subject matter experts to ensure safe and timely evacuation.

- Kidnap Response

DS-48 will ensure you receive the leading consultants anywhere in the world to assess your situation and, working with our incident management and analysis teams will liaise with local law enforcement, government services in order to negotiate the safest and best possible outcome.

- Medical Support

Medical experts will be on hand to provide advice to you anywhere in the world whether this is through means of communication or seeking physical medical help on your travels.


- Specialist Asset Security

DS-48 understand assets are personal to the client and will provide close protection and tracking services to deliver assets safely to destination whether they are people or items. DS-48 will also ensure in place static security through the latest security technology, practices and procedures to reduced threat to your assets.

- Security Risk Assessments

DS-48 risk assessments will help us to understand your security environment so that the appropriate security infrastructure and mitigation measures can be implemented to suit your lifestyle or business within set guidelines and regulations. SRA’s will encompass all aspects of security including, physical, procedural, environmental and personal security.

- Risk Resolution

DS-48 offers a range of products to help you achieve your risk management goals. We understand that risk appetite can change and understanding your objectives and limits, we will provide a professional and achievable resolution service that suits you.

- Reputation Management

Utilising expert knowledge and partnerships, DS-48 is able to manage you, your company or your brands online reputation and public perception.

- Crisis Management

Following set standards and guidelines for your sector DS-48 will provide advice and resolution to business crisis management, whether this is continuity planning or post-crisis recovery we will have expert consultants on hand to find the right plan for you.

- Training Services

DS-48 offers a range of security training packages, please email [email protected] to find further information and schedules.


- Due Diligence

DS-48’s Due Diligence investigation service enables decisions involving significant business moves, large-scale acquisitions, new partnerships. The service delves into the people behind the target company or specific situation; their motives and interests, past behaviour, previous roles and responsibilities, and any other information DS-48 pertinent to you the client.

- Business Intelligence

DS-48 service specialises in gathering and analysing intelligence that enables our clients to better understand their business environment, enhance their ability to identify business risks, opportunities and leverage their competitive edge.

- Litigation Support

DS-48 can take active involvement with our clients’ legal teams, to establish the evidential foundation of their cases byproviding strategic intelligence and admissible evidence, while conducting closed room negotiations with any other third party or authority.

- Private Investigation

Evidence gathered by DS-48’s investigators for trials and hearings, and can span a variety of cases, is completely legal and admissible in court as long as it has been amassed effectively.

- Asset Tracing & Recovery

DS-48 has developed unique expertise in asset recovery, with the ability to successfully conduct action in different jurisdictions under different legal systems, extending all the way to analysing offshore companies and trusts.

- Private Prosecution

DS-48 can assist a person or organisation in commencing a criminal prosecution, rather than a public prosecution, by laying a charge sheet in a Magistrates’ Court which would then result in a court warrant or summons.

- Developing Leverage & Identifying Misconduct

Drawing on our experience of fraud investigation and analysing complex threats, DS-48 can identify instances of criminality, debt and misconduct in our clients’ counterparties’ operations and use this information to maximum effect.


- Cyber Security

DS-48 offers advisory, protection and prevention in respect of all areas of cyber security to combat emerging threats, pro-actively identify espionage and the threat of criminal activity to both private and cooperate clients alike.

- Cyber Forensics

A rapid response and forensic investigation following a cyber-security breach can reduce exposure, recover sensitive data and allow for the recalibration of the security measures.

- Online Reputation Management

DS-48’s Cyber Team enables clients to silence and unmask adversaries, or those assuming false identifies, who are conducting online campaigns aimed at slandering their reputation or compromising their interests via blogs, news articles and social media.

- Data Leakage

DS-48’s Cyber Security Team can explore metadata in order to identify where digital information has been altered or manipulated, create a strategic map of the data leakage and distribution, establish timelines and patterns of behaviour.

- Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

DS-48 can provide the latest Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), or bug sweeping, to counter the threat from third parties seeking to covertly obtain sensitive information both private individuals and corporate clients.

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