Our key priority is to identify and address the risks that substantially affect everyday life either at work, while travelling or at home. We offer a full spectrum of bespoke and customised services to face the fast moving world around us. Our services range across the fields of Personal Risk, Information Risk, Physical Risk, Training and Response & Resolution.

close protection


We all prioritise our own security and the safeguarding of our assets, no matter where we are. Our Personal Risk service understands this need and applies customised analysis to address this. We provide the following services:

* Close Protection Services
* Personnel Risk Assessments
* Vetting and Background Screening
* Secure Transport for Assets and People


Informational Risk Assistance is an essential component in the 21st century. At DS-48 we are well aware of this necessity and provide the following services:

* Cyber Security
* Due Diligence
* Strategic Intelligence Support
* Political Risk Brief
* Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)



The security of colleagues and loved ones as well as our assets is very important. DS-48 conducts a customised risk service that takes care of the safety needs of your home and workplace. The following services are all customised and adapted to your personal needs:

* Surveillance
* Counter-Surveillance
* Security Penetration Testing
* Physical Risk Assessment


Security threats are constantly evolving. DS-48 provides you with customised training to prepare you before any private or business trip to an unfamiliar region. Our personal security managers will provide you with the following services:

* Crisis Management Training
* Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEATâ„¢)
* Kidnap & Ransom Awareness Training


In a globalised world, travelling for work and leisure has become a normality. In the unlikely event of a crisis, DS-48 is equipped to help you with our rapid Response & Resolution service to address any incident that might have occurred. We provide emergency assistance according to your personal needs, whenever and wherever required.

* Medical Evacuation
* Security Evacuation
* Natural Disaster Evacuation
* Emergency Aid and Assistance
* Kidnap Crisis Response

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