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Our WatchKeeper tool blends together proactive and reactive risk and crisis management to provide you with total, discreet security. Our experts assist you with actionable intelligence about surrounding threats before you travel and up-to-the-minute reports while you are away.

If you are visiting an unfamiliar location, we present you with personalised risk assessments to help you prepare for your trip, including cultural norms, prevalent crime, key local security issues and health concerns.

 The tracking is enabled simply by downloading our app onto your mobile device. Our intelligence staff in our Secure Operations Centre keep track of you and any situations developing near by, so you can minimise your personal risk at every turn.

Our regional experts are available anytime should you wish to call us for guidance. In the rare instances that an incident does occur, our local medical and security teams are mobilised to bring you to safety.


Our tracking tool is downloaded onto your phone and allows our security experts to keep watch over you, wherever you are in the world.


As well as watching over you, we monitor your surroundings for any developing threats based on your location. Whether it is a fire at a local train station or a heightened national threat level, we will alert you and help you stay safe.


With WatchKeeper, there is always an expert consultant a phone call away. You can speak to us before you travel for risk assessments or during your trip to seek medical advice, confidential support and travel assistance 24/7. Whatever you need, you can feel confident that we will be able to help.


Prevention is the core of WatchKeeper, but sometimes incidents will occur. If you are feeling unsafe, find yourself in a threatening situation or an emergency, we work with local authorities and our on the ground response teams to bring you to safety.

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