Schools sit at the centre of our communities, educating and empowering future generations. Ensuring that teaching and learning takes place in a safe and secure environment is an essential responsibility of all schools. DS-48 delivers industry-leading security and risk management consultancy to independent schools across the UK.

Our guidance recognises the need to maintain a welcoming and friendly environment while using proportionate preventative measures to enhance the safety and security of pupils, staff and visitors, provide reassurance to stakeholders and support to headteachers and governing bodies.

DS-48 works closely with schools and headteachers to anticipate the potential threat of, and impact arising from, security-related issues. Our unique approach identifies vulnerabilities that may be exploited by an adversary, uses multi-layered preventive measures proactively to reduce a school’s risk and provides ongoing support and guidance to plan for and ensure an effective response to an emergency.

School Security Arrangements,
Policies And Plans
School Security
Risk Assessment
Lockdown Policy
And Procedures
Access Control And
Visitor Management Systems
Technical Security Equipment
Installation and Management

All staff play an essential role in enhancing and maintaining the safety and security of a school. We specialise in their training and support schools to create a culture that promotes awareness and vigilance to ensure that staff understand their responsibilities, behave appropriately and are able to respond effectively to a range of situations:

Critical Incident and
Emergency Response
General Security
First Aid